Google MobiusOnline - BKSA approved Kitesurfing lessons and instruction in Cornwall

3 or 4 hour Landboard

This course is designed to take you from zero to hero! There are no prerequisites but any background in kite flying, windsurfing or sailing will help you progress quicker. As balance and board skills are also a factor a background in any board sports is a great help.

During the lesson you will safely learn all the basic kite skills and knowledge required to take up landboarding, this includes: Kite set-up and pack-down, emergency kite release and recovery, self launching and landing, the effects of upwind and down wind obstacles and piloting a kite in the power zone and at the edge of the wind window.

Once you have mastered the kite skills, you will then have your first ride on a landboard, and if you pick it up quickly, grasp the basics of learning to turn and stop!

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