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Kite Landboarding

After kite landboarding lessons? You’ve come to the right place! If you like the idea of kitesurfing but live too far from the sea, or you just don’t fancy getting your hair wet, why not learn how to kite landboard? Once you’ve mastered your kite control, you’ll be up on a board and riding in no time.

Previous board experience is not essential, but it will help you progress more quickly. Learning to control the kite whilst balancing on the wheels can be challenging at first, but once you gain momentum you can lean back and enjoy the ride!

The advantage of landboarding over kite surfing? You can do it in much less wind! So if it’s not blowing hard enough to go kite surfing, there may still be enough to break out the landboard. Landboarding is also a great way of gaining the all important balance skills for other board sports. If you already mountain board, then you should definitely give it a go: no hill walking so you’ll get much more riding time!

2 hour £ 40
3 hour £ 60
4 hour £ 75
1:1 progression session £ 40 ph
2:1 progression session £ 30 ph
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