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Sometimes it’s about style!

You’d never kite in a speedo, and you’d never kite without a harness. That’s why we’ve combined style and function into the ultimate, easy-to-use kiteboarding accessory. The Styler boardshort harness brings all the support of a Liquid Force harness in the stylish package of our custom Liquid Force boardshorts.
cool but comfortable

The Styler Boardshort Harness incorporates Liquid Force harness technology. One smooth interior lining prevent rashes, and another thicker neoprene liner protects you from harnesses chafe. Internal leg loops keep it from riding up, and offer support to drive power through the board. A seat harness with style.

Sizes: S(28-30) M(31-33) L(34-36) XL(37-39)

SO SORRY OUT OF STOCK £130 (RRP £139.00)



with Kite Knife




Comfort and style!

From the molded spreader bar pad with a specially designed inner sleeve to tuck up extra webbing, to the left and right side quick-releases for your leash, the Liquid Force Comp is a harness that’s been thought out, through and through. Go enjoy your ride.
Like a glove

The 3D thermoformed Liquid Force Comp Harness’ EVA Body Wrap Liner means it fits, well, like a glove. The spreader bar stabilizer prevents the bar from vertically twisting into your ribs via a custom attach- ment at the lowest point of the spreader bar.

Size : S | M | L | XL |

Buying a Kite Knife is the recommended optional upgrade for £10 extra.

£150 (RRP £159.99)



with Kite Knife


Pure comfort

With more padding, and a higher waist, the Luxury provides the ultimate in comfort while kiting. Let pain and discomfort be a thing of the past, and enjoy the longest, most comfortable sessions of your life. This is a lounge chair for kiteboarding.
session support

Back pain after kiting? It’s a thing of the past with the Luxury. The molded interior lumbar support provides the ultimate in stability at no ex- pense in comfort. Brace your back to withstand long, arduous sessions of hard kiting by using the Luxury.

Size : S | M | L | XL |

Buying a Kite Knife is the recommended optional upgrade for £10 extra.

£140 (RRP £149)



with Kite Knife


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