Google MobiusOnline - BKSA approved Kitesurfing lessons and instruction in Cornwall


Power kiting is a sport than can be taken up by everyone!

Use of specialised wheelchair equipment adapted for the sand makes the sport ideal for those with partial paralysis, multiple sclerosis, muscular problems, leg amputees, paraplegics and other wheelchair users.

By using a harness you can fly with single-handed control opening up the sport to those with partial paralysis or arm amputees.

Colour coded bar and lines on all the kites aids tuition and handling for those with visual or learning impairment and the ultimate aim for any experienced powerkiter is to become attuned to the feel of the kite and the tension of the lines rather than relying on their visual sense.

Marker boards and visual teaching aids can be used to aid those with a hearing impairment.

The bright colours of the kites and the feel of flying them could also be beneficial for those in need of therapeutic or behavioural stimulation.


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