Google MobiusOnline - BKSA approved Kitesurfing lessons and instruction in Cornwall


All lessons include a modified buggy design with built in safety features which are suitable for multiple sclerosis, partial paralysis, paraplegic or other wheel chair users, and amputee including:

  • Foot and Leg Restraints
  • Four Wheel Chassis providing greater stability than traditional three wheel buggies
  • Telefax™ Marine Steering System for single-handed control
  • Harness hooks on buggy that transfer the kites power side frame to buggy and allow for single-handed control

All the kite bar and lines are colour coded to assist those with visual and learning impairment. The aim of an experienced powerkiter is to become attuned to the feel of the kite and the tension of the lines rather than relying on their visual sense.

Marker boards and visual teaching aids can be used to aid those with a hearing impairment.

Watch a two minute clip of paraplegic Heidi Thomas (pictured above) in action on Westcountry News. view >>

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