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Cliff Based Activity Adventure

Rock Climbing

Learn the basics of rock climbing or test your skills on challenging rock faces on selected climbing routes in Cornwall. This four hour climbing course is suitable for any level of climber and we can cater for groups of up to 8 people. These fun sessions provide a great introduction to rock climbing in Cornwall. Instructors will choose climbing destinations to suit the conditions and ability of the group.

Price: £60 per person (minimum of 3 people or small surcharge applies)




A cliff abseil lesson allows you to experience the Cornwall coast from a whole new perspective. The abseiling routes have varying gradients and unique challenges, but the ultimate experience for more advanced groups involves an abseil into the gaping mouth of a huge sea cliff looking out onto Newquay bay. Instructors will choose sections of cliff and abseiling routes to suit the conditions and your level of ability and experience.

Price: £22 per person

The Zip Wire

The rush of launching yourself from the cliff top to ride the Zip Wire high across a crowded beach is second to none. It is a hair-raising, high-wire ride. Your experience on this aerial runway is finished off with a 50ft free abseil down to the sand.

Price: £20 per person

Snakes & Ladders

Snakes & Ladders is an obstacle course inside a steep gully leading to the top of the cliff high above the beach. This vertical assault course is a challenging test of rope skills and agility. Use your skill and coordination to overcome a series of obstacles, going over scrambling nets and under logs to reach the cliff top.

Price: £20 per person

The Rat Run

The Rat Run is a series of narrow tunnels and tight corners built out of wood at the base of the cliff. Designed to resemble caving or pot-holing, the Rat Run was built to train rescue professionals. But it has also proved an exciting challenge for adventure seekers, especially those with a phobia of confined spaces.

Price: £22 per person

Multi Vine

This is not one for those with a fear of heights. The Multivine is a nail-biting high wire walk across a gaping chasm at the top of the cliffs. You are harnessed in and asked to traverse across a thin wire while trying to grab hold of a series of vines for support. This is a real test of nerves and skill.

Price: £22 per person

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