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Kite Buggying

Cruising along the beach, only inches from the sand, at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour, is an exhilarating feeling. Our kite buggy lessons can begin to make this sensation a reality for you!

Learn to get the buggy moving, and traverse the wind: steer with your feet, and speed up or slow down by controlling the kite. Master that, and you will then attempt basic turns and upwind riding, and by the end of the lesson, maybe even some powered slide turns! ‘Buggying’, as it is known, is highly addictive, and has the advantage over other kite sports of being possible in very light winds.

As you can control your speed by using larger or smaller kites, and the buggies can be adjusted in length to accommodate different heights, kite-buggying is an activity that all the family can enjoy together.

If you can already ride a buggy, why not book in for one of our progression sessions? Improve your technique and start to learn a few tricks, such as: slides, 360’s, or riding backwards!

2 hour £ 40
3 hour £ 60
4 hour £ 75
1:1 progression session £ 40 ph
2:1 progression session £ 30 pp ph
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