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Welcome to Green Mobius


Wherever we go and whatever we do, we have an impact. Make positive choices, and you can help us care for Cornwall and make that impact a positive one. Download this free guide to give you 5 ways to be the best sort of water user in Cornwall.

Mobius is the first activity company in the UK to gain accreditation with the Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS GOLD Award). We are a member of Coast sustainable tourism project and we bank with the Co-operative Bank, a government gold standard company.

Donations to Surfers Against Sewage

By asking students to donate £1 in addition to their course payment, Mobius actively supports SAS' campaign for clean, safe recreational waters, free from sewage effluents, toxic chemicals and nuclear waste. We also enforce the SAS "No Butts on the Beach Campaign" on all of our lessons.

Saving Paper

All our marketing material is produced on recycled, chlorine free paper or card and is printed using vegetable based inks. In the office our paper, card, envelopes, mailing bags and boxes are recycled, chlorine free and where possible re-used. We also encourage the use of email rather than post for confirming bookings.

Energy use

Our electricity is supplied by Good Energy a 100% renewable supplier. The office has energy saving lightbulbs throughout and computers and printers are shut down every night.

Waste Recycling and Cleaning

Our priority is to reduce, reuse, and recycle all waste products. We compost degradable waste and use compostable or recycled and degradable waste bags. Printer cartridges and batteries are sent to specialist recycling centres and even though our local council will not collect them, we box and send off tetra packs to a centre in Somerset. All our cleaning products are made by Ecover.

Carbon offsetting

Although we appreciate that carbon offsetting is not a solution to climate change we still feel it is important to give something back to the environment after we have drained its resources! We are a carbon negative company having offset 10 tonnes of carbon emissions - more than we produce! When travelling to a lesson we recommend that you offset your emissions through Climate Care. You can even do it for the year. For example a petrol car traveling 10,000 miles would be only £22.50. This money can go towards helping third world countries to adopt more sustainable practices.

Mobius Vehicles

The Fiat 500 with TwinAir is the lowest CO2 emission petrol car in the world! Louise (pictured above) has the Dualogic 5-speed semi-automatic gearbox that is actually more economical than the 5-speed manual; it boasts an extremely low CO2 figure of just 92 g/km, along with 70.6 mpg! It also has zero road tax and no conjestion charge!


The O'Neill Psycho RG8 is a relatively new suit to the O'Neill range. This suit has been built around O'Neill's Re-generation Scheme. O'Neill began by incorporating recycled plastics and bottles into their RG8 wetsuit series, finding better ways to recycle scrap neoprene at the end of a wetsuits lifecycle. O'Neill are currently at the forefront of this exciting program designed to reduce, re-use and re-generate.

The RG8 has some new features for 2012/13 such as the Eco RG8-Air Firewall that is an eco-friendly version of the XDS-Air Neoprene. Every RG8 wetsuit is now 95% recycled and saves 100 plastic bottles from polluting the worlds oceans and entering landfill!

Mobius Kite Boards

Finally the kitesurfing brands we use are starting to produce more sustainable products, and we are the first to get our hands on them as soon as they are released.

Kite manufacturer Liquid Force set themselves a challenge for 2013 to improve their green credentials without compromising on performance; the result is the new B-XP3 core of the CJ kite surfboard. The B-XP3 core utilizes fully recycled materials, is completely recyclable and has a bamboo top sheet minimizing the negative impact on the environment. The manufacturing process emits 50 times fewer VOC’s than traditional PU foam cores.