Google MobiusOnline - BKSA approved Kitesurfing lessons and instruction in Cornwall

3 Day BKSA/IKO Beginners

This course aims to cover level 1 and 2 of the British Kite Sports Association/ International Kiteboarding Organisation standards, in order to achieve a dual certification kite boarder card for these levels, similar to the PADI scheme for diving*.

Each day is approximately five hours long, four hours tuition and a break for lunch**.  No previous experience is required but any background in powerkiting, wake boarding, windsurfing, sailing or surfing will definitely help you progress further during the course.

The syllabus covers: basic flying, set up, pack down, self rescue techniques, water re launching, basic weather, wind and tide knowledge, body-dragging, un-hooked board-starting and finally riding and adjusting the power while hooked into the power loop.

By the end of the course you should have all the knowledge and skills to safely continue practicing without an instructor present. It is possible to book up day by day but this will be at a rate of £100. This option is great if you are only in Cornwall for very short periods and may need to complete the course at another centre or if you need to spread the cost over a period of time. The only thing we do recommend is that you do not have too much of a break between each lesson so that you do not forget everything and slow the progress of others on the course.

*Not all students will successfully achieve all the course aims as it is dependent on the individuals own ability.

** The course duration does not include getting changed /unchanged because of this, students must allow more than five hours each day.  If conditions are not favourable we may also have to delay or reschedule the course.