Google MobiusOnline - BKSA Approved Kitesurfing lessons and instruction in Cornwall

Day 1 of the BKSA/IKO Course

The full beginners course is spread over three days and will get you to a level where you are safe to practice on your own, but some people choose to book just the first day of this course and complete the final two days at a later date.

On day 1 you will take your first steps towards gaining level 1 of the BKSA/IKO (British Kite Sports Association/International Kiteboarding Organisation) Kiteboarder Card. You will be taught the basics of kite flying on foils and LEI kites, kite set up and pack down, launching and landing, kite retrieval, and self rescue techniques. By the end of the course you will have grasped much of the theory and basic flying techniques needed for kitesurfing, and be ready to continue your training on days 2 and 3 to get body-dragging, boardstarting, and up and riding.

Each day is approximately five hours long, four hours tuition and a break for lunch*. No previous experience is required but any background in powerkiting, wake boarding, windsurfing, sailing or surfing will definitely help you progress further during the course.

The only thing we do recommend is not to have too bigger break before you finish the course, so that you do not forget everything and slow the progress of others when you return.

*If weather/tide conditions are not favourable we may have to delay the start time or miss the lunch break.