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Tim and Louise McOvens started Mobius Bike Trails back in 2006.  They wanted to share their passion of Mountain-biking with everyone by showing what Cornwall has to offer.  Having teamed up with James and Jamie, two local riders who know the routes like the back of their hand, together they offer the highest level of guided tours.  The team not only act as your geographical guides, they offer technical advice, mechanical support in case of breakdown and a local knowledge second to none.  Our guides carry mobile phones and have vehicular support so if an emergency should arise they can call for backup.

Tim (aka Timo) has been biking since he was little but only took it more seriously during the last 10 years.    Now a technical leader, he can take groups over more advanced terrain as well as open tracks and trails.  With years of experience teaching kitesurfing, Tim is used to managing big groups.  His personal riding style is slanted towards dirt jumping and steep down hill sections but he also enjoys a leisurely ride along flat sections with a group of good humoured people.

Louise started mountain biking in 2000 when she bought her first specialized bike and she soon sought out all the best trails in and around her home town of Farnham.  In 2003 Louise moved down to Cornwall and she has not stopped exploring all the trails that the county has to offer.  With her big smile and fun approach to rides, everyone gets the most enjoyment out of their day.  Louise also hopes that being a female leader will encourage more women to get into mountain biking.

James is our most knowledgeable trail finder and a very experienced mountain bike leader. Follow him on a ride and you will inevitably become disorientated with his selection of hidden routes and back lanes, but you can always rest assured that he always knows where he is and will return you safely to back to base. He also is a proven cameraman and has taken a lot of these pictures you find on this website.


Jamie (aka Jim-bob) is our advanced rider. With years of trials competitions under his belt, his technical riding will push the level three groups to the next level. Look out for him performing his signature trick of pulling a 30mph wheelie as he overtakes you! Jamie is also an accomplished camera man and he usually manages to catch you in action when you are least expecting it, so not a good person to have around when you wipe out!