Google Mobius bike trails in Cornwall


Cornwall has the longest stretch of coastline than any other county in the UK, which means you are never too far from the sea.  It also has a long history in the mining industry providing tram ways and quarry pits.   So whether you are a first time pedal pusher or a fat-tyre fanatic, Cornwall can provide guaranteed satisfaction.

Although most parts of the marked coast path are strictly out-of-bounds for cyclists, it is by far not the only path that can get you close to the sea. Cornwall also boasts places like Mars, Witches Woods, Kitty Hills, Fort Woods and Charlie's Turf, all of which provide great scenery and a range of terrain for every keen Mountain-Bike enthusiast.

There may not be any mountains but there are plenty of descent's to enjoy - from long winding woodland trails to some rather more direct routes down!

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