Google Mobius bike trails in Cornwall

Rider Ability

Level 1 - Confident in basic bike skills and a reasonable level of fitness. Rides will stick to more gentle climbs and wind their way around avoiding any particularly sudden drops in altitude.  An excellent way to see the sights whilst developing your confidence and ability.  Level 1 rides are paced at a very comfortable rate. Average distance 7 - 10 miles; Time 2 hours.

Level 2 - Happy to take on some single track, skilled enough to handle a few small drop offs and steeper sections, and able to keep a more constant pace. Looking to start challenging yourself and push the boundaries of your comfort zone. Distance 12 - 15 miles 2; Time 2 hours.

Level 3 - Taking in steeper single track, bigger drops and more technical climbs, most of the gnarlier stuff has 'easy-outs' if you want to save something for the next visit! Ride distance 15 - 18 miles; Time 2 hours