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Welcome to Green Mobius!

Mobius is the first activity company in the UK to gain accreditation with the Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS GOLD Award). We are a member of Coast sustainable tourism project and we bank with the Co-operative Bank, a government gold standard company.

Saving Paper

All our marketing material is produced on recycled, chlorine free paper or card and is printed using vegetable based inks. In the office our paper, card, envelopes, mailing bags and boxes are recycled, chlorine free and where possible re-used. We also encourage the use of email rather than post for booking confirmation letters.

Energy use

Our electricity is supplied by Good Energy, a 100% renewable supplier. The office has energy saving lightbulbs throughout and computers and printers are shut down every night.

Waste Recycling and Cleaning

Our priority is to reduce, reuse, and recycle all waste products. We compost degradable waste and use compostable or recycled and degradable waste bags. Printer cartridges and batteries are sent to specialist recycling centres, and even though our local council will not collect them, we box and send off tetra packs to a centre in Somerset. All our cleaning products are made by Ecover.

Carbon offsetting

Although we appreciate that carbon offsetting is not a solution to climate change, we still feel it is important to give something back to the environment after we have drained its resources! Each year we offset 10 tonnes of carbon - more than we produce! When travelling to a lesson we recommend that you offset your emissions through Climate Care. You can even do it for the year. For example a petrol car traveling 10,000 miles would cost £22.50. This money can go towards helping third world countries to adopt more sustainable practices.

Mobius Vehicles

The Fiat 500 with TwinAir is the lowest CO2 emission petrol car in the world! Louise (pictured left) has the Dualogic 5-speed semi-automatic gearbox that is actually more economical than the 5-speed manual; it boasts an even lower CO2 figure of just 92 g/km, along with 70.6 mpg. It also has zero road tax and no conjestion charge!!